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State Public Institution ‘Main Investment and Construction Administration of the Republic of Tatarstan’ (SPI Glavinveststroy RT) was founded in 1960. Currently, the Administration acts based on the Charter, approved by the Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Tatarstan No. 904 ‘On the State Public Institution ‘Main Investment and Construction Administration of the Republic of Tatarstan’ dated October 31, 2011.

SPI Glavinveststroy RT is the main customer of the Government of the Republic of Tatarstan on construction, reconstruction and overhaul of numerous social, cultural and agricultural facilities.

The main functions of the Administration include:

- organization of tenders for the choice of the design and survey work contractor

- control and preparation of design documentation for transfer to examination and approval of design documentation, after receiving a positive examination report,

- organization of tenders for the selection of contractors for construction and installation works and equipment suppliers,

- construction control,

- facility commissioning, etc.

In 2014, the SPI Glavinveststroy RT included the State Public Institution ‘Directorate for the Construction of Underground Transport Structures’, now renamed as the Department of Underground Transport Constructions SPI Glavinveststroy RT.

Also, the non-profit organization ‘Housing and Communal Services Fund of the Republic of Tatarstan’ was created based on SPI Glavinveststroy RT in 2014, which provides high-quality overhaul of common property in apartment buildings.

In order to improve the activities, the Administration established six territorial divisions in different areas of the Republic: Central, Northern, Western, Zakamsky, Southeastern and Naberezhnye Chelny territorial departments of SPI Glavinveststroy RT. Currently, the Administration structure consists of 30 departments and 300 employees.

The Main Investment and Construction Administration of the Republic of Tatarstan takes an active part in the implementation of a number of federal and republican programs in the field of construction and overhaul such as the ‘Accessible Environment’ program devoted to the development of public spaces, the overhaul of cultural facilities, children's recreation camps, educational institutions, the construction of sports facilities, rural clubs, industrial parks, etc.

The Administration made a significant contribution to the preparation of Kazan for the 1000th anniversary. It has built unique facilities: the building of the Government of the Republic of Tatarstan, the administrative building of the State Traffic Safety Inspectorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Tatarstan, the international equestrian sports complex, the Kazan International Airport business terminal, the Kazan sports complex. Also GISU RT participated in the implementation of such projects as the Palace of Farmers, Khimgrad Technopark, innovative IT-park, etc.


The Administration executed technical supervision over the construction of sports facilities for the Universiada 2013 in Kazan, including such unique ones as the Ak Bars Martial Arts Palace, Kazan Tennis Academy, St. Petersburg Volleyball Center, and Rowing Sports Center.

When preparing for the 2015 World Aquatics Championship, it constructed the temporary coating facilities at the Kazan Arena stadium, reconstructed the jump tower of the Water Sports Palace, diving of the Kazanka river, constructed an outdoor pool for water polo.

GISU RT participates in the revival of historical and cultural monuments - a comprehensive project ‘ Cultural Heritage of Tatarstan: the ancient city of Bulgar and the island-town Sviyazhsk.’

The implementation of state programs in the field of social and cultural development, investment projects in a timely manner and ensuring the quality of work are the priority tasks of SPI Glavinveststroy RT.

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